White Wine

We always harvest by hand, sometimes revisiting the same vineyard several times. Harvesting usually starts mid-September and can last until the middle of October. All grapes are destalked before pressing.

In the cellar the grapes are very carefully pressed by pneumatic press.

Depending on the wine, we vinify either in stainless steel tanks, in traditional Palatinate barrels or in new barriques. We control the temperature during fermentation keeping it below 20˚C. this helps to keep fruit and specific varietal aromas.

Vinification in tank results in elegant, crisp wines, Spätlese and Auslese qualities, especially benefit from this method.

In contrast to stainless steel tanks, barrels are not airtight, the wine’s body opens through the subtle influence of oxygen making it particularly interesting for full-bodied, rich, powerful wines. The same is true when using either traditional wood or barrique.

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