Red Wine

To improve the quality of our grapes we reduce the yield in our best vineyards through winter prunning and green harvesting (vendange verte) in summer. We always harvest by hand, sometimes revisiting the same vineyard several times.

The harvest usually starts mid September and can stretch into middle of October. During harvesting we carefully separate unhealthy and underripe grapes from healthy ones. All grapes are destalked.

We vinify our grapes starting with a traditional fermentation on the skins. After about 14 days the young wine will have undergone the primary fermentation and will then be kept in tank for yeast sedimentation. The young wine is then transferred into barriques, where the malolactic fermentation takes place: the malic acid is converted into soft lactic acid and the wine increases in body and smoothness.

Our red wines are always matured in barrique. The entry-level wines mature in older wood, depending on the grape variety, the premium wines will either be completely or partly matured in new barriques. For Pinot Noir we use 30-50% new barrels, with Dornfelder or Cabernet Sauvignon up to 100%. This barrel maturation takes between 12 to 30 months and bottling usually takes place in August two years after the harvest.

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