Kirschgarten Laumersheim Spätburgunder / Weißburgunder ( Pinot Blanc )

Elevation: 138 m
Exposition: south-east
Gradient: 5 %


This vineyard benefits from favourable growing conditions as it is sheltered by westerly woodland and peripheral houses. The site is protected from cold westerly winds by the Ohlenberg heights to the west.


The vineyard was formerly owned by a convent in Worms. It was first mentioned in 1654 ”im Kirschgarthen“ (literal ”in the cherry garden“).


Loess loam with excellent water retention; limestone subsoil. The oldest parcel is located at the lower end of the vineyard, on the periphery of the village of Laumersheim. Since 2007, the limestone dominated ”Mergelweg“ has also become part of the Kirschgarten.


Classic Pinot Noirs with delicate fruit. subtle tannin, good ageing potential.

Since 2009 also Pinot Blanc - matured in oak. Intense, long lasting wines.

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