Mandelpfad Dirmstein Riesling / Pinot Noir

Elevation: 120 m
Exposition: south
Gradient: 20 %

The microclimate

We cultivate the core parcel ”Himmelsrech“ of this site.

A southern slope with an easterly opening basin, this site is perfectly protected against cold north and western winds.  The ”Mandelpfad“ site therefore warms up quickly with ideal exposure to sunlight.

The origin

In 1557 it was known as ”am mandel Pfad“ pointing to the almond trees that are still shaping the landscape.

The soil

Poriferous loess layer over limestone interspersed with small limestone rocks.

The wine’s character

Expressive, frequently exotic fruit, tantalising acidity, powerful Rieslings.

Since 2009 also Pinot Noir with delicate fruit, brittle tannin and good ageing potential.

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