Großes Gewächs (VDP classification for dry wines from premium vineyards)

The concept of the category Großes Gewächs – a designation for dry premium wines - has been implemented most convincingly by the Palatinate region. Here one can truly speak of German Grand Crus.

Stuart Pigott


Knipser Große Gewächse

In 2001 we produced our first Große Gewächse (GG) wines according to VDP guidelines. The GG are dry wines and belong to the finest wines we have to offer. Top quality vineyards, rigorous yield restriction, and strict grape selection in the vineyard bring the most characterful wines.

We believe that only grapes that have been thoroughly and carefully looked after in the vineyard can bring a fine tasting experience in your glass.

These are our Großes Gewächs vineyards :

  • Mandelpfad Dirmstein Riesling / Pinot Noir
  • Steinbuckel Laumersheim Riesling
  • Burgweg Großkarlbach Pinot Noir
  • Kirschgarten Laumersheim Pinot Noir / Pinot Blanc

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