A Family Business

As early as 1948, Heinz Knipser was one of the first winemakers in the region to start bottling and marketing wine directly to private clients and restaurants. In the early 70s, his son Werner became the first full-time winemaker and the business has since flourished and seen continual growth.

In the mid 1980s, today’s owners Volker and Werner Knipser started vinification in barriques, they also increased the percentage of red grapes by sourcing classic German and international varieties from traditional wine regions.

Yields are considerably lower than the region’s average, in line with global premium wine producers.

In 1993, this constant search for quality was rewarded with membership of the VDP ( Association of German Quality Wine Estates  )

In 2005, Werner’s oldest son Stephan Knipser became co-owner of the Estate.

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